Akismet catches spam

There’s been a number of comments in response to my postings. Unfortunately, most of them have been caught by Akismet and thrown in my spam box.

Akismet is a great plugin and I recommend it to all WordPress bloggers if you want to avoid spam appearing on your blog.

However, I apologize to anyone who has posted a genuine comment and is wondering where it is. I do not receive notifications for any comments caught by Akismet.

If you wish to post a legitimate comment, here are a few guidelines that will hopefully prevent your comment from being labeled as spam by Akismet.

  • Your username should be your own name (or at least a nickname) not an advertising message
  • If you include a web address, it should be one that you own and your email address should match
  • If you don’t own a website, don’t include one: www.google.com is not YOUR website
  • Do not post advertisements
  • Do not post comments of a sexual nature
  • And last but not least, provide your first name and location (city, region or country) in your message – it feels more personal – this is not for Akismet but for me

If you’re a spammer here’s my message to you:

You are wasting your time. Akismet blocks ALL spam.

Kaz Design Works’ blog is not here to advertise your website, your products or your services. It’s here to provide useful information to those that need it. Comments should relate to the post and if they don’t, they will not appear. So don’t waste your time!