Apologies and an Overdue Announcement

After two weeks of intermittent down time of my website and having to manually fix the problem, to the chagrin of one or two clients who couldn’t gain access when they needed to, I decided to switch my hosting over to GoDaddy.ca (really it’s an American company, and I swore I would stay with Canadian, but enough is enough already).
Apologies to anyone who couldn’t get to my blog on Kaz Design Works or the business directory on www.powerfulwomen.ca I’m a great web designer, but can’t always find my way around the control panels of web hosts to find the relevant bits of information I need to get things like databases up and running.

Hopefully, it should all be working properly now and you should see a slight increase of speed too (at least I did) so that’s one advantage. Another is, of course, that the hosting plan is cheaper! And hopefully there will be less time than before. Let’s hope I get a refund for the unused time with the previous host company.
I still need to update the WordPress version I’m using, so there may be a bit more downtime while I work on that too. (When I get the time!)
Anyway, it’s rather late (or should I say, early as it’s 1:30 am?) but while I was checking everything was working, I noticed I had not announced on my blog the publication of the First Issue of my new magazine Powerful Women. It was off the press and in my sticky paws on February 26th, and since March 1st, I’ve been madly distributing it throughout Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo and passing copies along to my fellow networking ladies, advertisers and writers. Meanwhile, although I sent out an email blast to everyone I knew, I completely forgot to announce its publication on my blog.
So as I finish my tea and before scooting off to bed, I would just like to say I’m extremely proud to announce the publication of my new magazine Powerful Women which you can find and read online as a flash flip book at www.powerfulwomen.ca. If you enjoy the articles, please pass on the website to your friends and please support the advertisers by checking out their websites.