Does your business, event, charity or organization need more exposure and brand awareness?

Does your website, blog or social media channel need more traffic?

Want to stay one step ahead of your competition?

Mobile Marketing

As an Independent Representative with Asirvia, owner Karen Coleman, can now offer businesses, charities, event organizers or any other organizations looking to create exposure and brand awareness a way to stay one step ahead of their competition: through proximity marketing on the GO.  You do not need to be a client of Kaz Design Works to take advantage of this new advertising technology.

However, if you are a client of Kaz Design Works, we offer one to two months' free advertising via Proximity Marketing with our website design and business branding packages using one of our GOs.

If you haven't heard of Proximity Marketing, you soon will.

Simply put, proximity marketing is a form of mobile marketing that broadcasts your marketing message to nearby enabled smartphones and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

But the GO from Asirvia has taken proximity marketing to the next level and beyond.

Asirvia, a US-based company and leader in the proximity marketing field, is using proprietary technology in both its web-based programming platform and its complimentary GO. Where most Bluetooth beacons (at least those affordable to small businesses, entrepreneurs, direct sales reps and non-profit organizations) only have a small broadcast range (up to 100 yards), the portable GO 400 and its stationary companion, the GO 1000 (coming soon), have the capability to broadcast up to 400 metres and 1000 metres respectively*.

Imagine what using proximity marketing can do for your business, charity or organization!

Watch this short video to see how marketing on the GO from Asirvia works.

The only question left now is...HOW MANY GO 400S DO YOU NEED?

*Broadcast range depends on the individual receiving device and obstacles in the path of the wireless signal from the GO.

Notification panel showing marketing on the GO by AsirviaTarget your local market 24/7

Imagine being able to promote your business, event, charity or not-for-profit while you're having fun at your favourite sports game, concert or shopping in the mall?

With the GO 400, you can target your local market wherever you go, 24/7/365 and, provided your message is captivating and you take or place your GO where there are lots of people who may be interested in your offer, you can create brand awareness and more exposure to your business and ultimately drive traffic to your website, lead-capture page or social media channel, and generate leads while you work, rest, travel or play.*

Through the easy-to-use web-based programming platform, you can craft multiple attention-grabbing marketing messages with clickable links and assign them to one or more of your GO 400s. You can link to any website including your blog, lead capture page, Facebook page, YouTube video, or any other social media channel.

When an enabled smartphone comes within proximity of one of your GO 400s, your message can be viewed as a notification. If tempted by your offer (which is where you need to get creative with your message), the user can then decide whether to click the link to find out more.

By the way, if you think these messages are spam, they're NOT. The notifications are totally CASL, CRTC and FTC compliant and disappear off the notification panel when the phone is no longer in range.

*Results are based on a number of criteria, such as marketing message, location of the GO, landing page, market demand, etc. and therefore differ for each individual business and cannot be guaranteed.

Let Others Share Your Message For You

When you upgrade to GO PLUS on one or more of your GOs, you can include an ad or promotion with graphic or YouTube video, your contact information, more details and a clickable link. When someone sees your message and clickS the link to your ad, they can choose to download your deal/coupon to their Wallet (Android and Apple), share your ad on Facebook, visit your website, visit your business location or contact you by phone immediately.

This unique proximity marketing service is offered on a monthly subscription and you can choose three, eight, 16 or more GO BASIC services and add the GO PLUS upgrade to one or more of your GOs. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time. There is a one-time admin fee and you do pay first-and-last plus shipping.

You can choose to be a customer just using GO SERVICES to promote your business(es) or become an affiliate to earn residual income from any referrals (and if you like your fellow business colleagues, you will definitely want to refer this service to them).

Proximity marketing on the GO is available to all business types, entrepreneurs, direct sales representatives, network marketers, event organizers, charities and not-for-profits in Canada, USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand - in fact the GO works in almost all countries of the world.

If you are a website client of Kaz Design Works and you're based in Oxford County or Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, you can try proximity marketing for your business using one of our GOs for a limited trial period. However, we do recommend that you purchase your own monthly subscription and take full advantage of all GO SERVICES options (including changing your messages whenever you want and tracking exposures in real time).

Proximity Marketing on the GO works 24/7 so it continues working even when you're not.

Innovation & creativity GO hand in hand on the path to success!

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