Do you have a responsive website design?

Is your website mobile friendly or are you losing customers?

Responsive Website DesignOver the last few years, consumers have started looking for what they need online using their smart phones. The percentage of people on mobile is climbing higher and higher each year. Websites that are not optimized for mobile are not only a pain for visitors when they arrive on them but since early 2017 Google started lowering their rank in mobile searches resulting in businesses whose websites are not mobile friendly losing customers to those that are. If your website is not mobile friendly, a responsive website design can solve this issue for you.

How do you know whether you have a responsive website design or not?

If your website has not been revamped for several years, it's possible that is not using a responsive website design or that it has not been mobile optimized in some other way. If that's the case, Google will reduce your page rank during searches on mobile phones, so you too could be losing customers to your competition.

Any visitors who do make it to your website will need a magnifying glass to view the content on their phone, and will become frustrated at having to squint and scroll to read your content, so it's likely you'll lose them within a few seconds too!

If you have a mobile phone, go to your website. If you have to expand the page to read the text and/or scroll side to side to view the contents, if images or videos are bigger than the width of your phone, if you have multiple columns or sidebars, if your menu bar has all the links in a row, then you do not have a responsive website design and your website is not mobile friendly. You can also test to see if you have a mobile friendly website here.

Kaz Design Works can help you solve the issue by giving your website an overhaul with a new responsive website design so that it will look great and function properly on all devices. If it's been several years since your website content was updated, we can also provide you with a content writer and photographer to update your web content too.

Move into the 21st century with a responsive website design that will ensure your website is mobile friendly on all devices and can be found during a mobile Google search!