So, you're ready to get started with your website, but don't know what services you need?

Of course, it all depends on your website goals, type of business, type and style of website and your budget. It will also depend on whether you're starting from scratch, revamping your current design, and/or optimizing your existing website for mobile. And, if you are switching from a static website to WordPress or other CMS, a whole other bunch of services may be needed.

But don't worry! Kaz Designs Works offers a full lineup of website design and development services to help you get started or to carry on where your last web designer left off.

Need help determining your website design goals?

Our website design & development services include:

  • Custom Photoshop Design
  • Custom HTML Template
  • Adding & Formatting Content
  • Image Slider, Galleries & Carousels
  • Social Media Integration
  • WordPress Installation & Setup
  • WordPress Customization
  • eCommerce Site Setup & Customization

Additional services you may need:

  • Content Writing & Editing
  • Professional Photography
  • Image Editing & Web Graphics Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Determine what you need

To determine what you need, some questions to ask are:

  • Do you need a custom design or will an out-of-the-box template suffice?
  • Who will be writing and editing your web content?
  • Who will be adding your content?
  • Do you need a content management system?
  • Will you be selling products online?
  • What features and add-ons do you need?
  • What imagery do you need?
  • How often will you update your website's content?
  • What is your starting budget?
  • What is your maintenance budget?

Who are our website design clients?

Kaz Design Works primarily works with small to medium enterprises, start-ups, home-based business owners and not-for-profits, who need a brand new website designed, a redesign of their outdated website or their current website optimized for mobile.

Our website design clients are:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses in any industry sector looking for a custom web design or redesign.
  • Established businesses who have been procrastinating about getting a website and finally realize it's time to move gain a professional web presence.
  • Business owners with outdated websites who need anything from a few tweeks to improve functionality, aesthetics or responsiveness to a complete redesign of their website.
  • Start-up companies looking for a website to give their new business the credibility it needs to compete with established businesses in their industry.
  • Home-based retailers or family store owners who want to sell their products online without having to pay a percentage to a third party
  • Not-for-profit organizations that need a custom website at a price they can afford to spread the word about the good work they are doing.

Don't have a website?

If you don't have an website, we can help build your online credibility with a brand new web design.