Need images for your website or print material?

While it’s always best to hire a professional photographer to take photos for your business marketing materials so that they are unique to you, if you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional, you can always purchase a few stock images. You or your graphic designer can then create unique graphics to complement your brand. Below I have included a few sites I have used in the past where you can look for images—photos and vector graphics—to use in any of your print or web design projects.

Not sure what image size, resolution or file type you need for your project? Find out here.

Need images for your marketing material?

When choosing your stock photos or illustrations for print always check the image size. Although, the prices vary between sites, they are fairly reasonable and if you find what you’re looking for we may be able include them in your print design for FREE.

First and foremost, I always prefer to support local when I can. Alayne Brisson of ARB Photography is a local Oxford County photographer who takes stunning and unique photos that can be used for social media and websites. You can find her stunning photography on her website.

For other photos here is a list of stock image sites you can purchase from.

Kaz Design Works subscribes to a number of stock image sites. The one we have used the most is iStock. If you’re looking for royalty free stock images to use in your print material or on your website, check out some of the ones listed below. They also offer videos and audio tracks that you can use in your website too.

Want FREE images for your website or print brochure?

If you select your images from the stock photo site, iStock for your next web design or print project with Kaz Design Works, we will include one FREE image per web page** or print brochure if you let us know before you hire us.

Call us now to discuss your website design or your print brochure goals and requirements, visit iStock to choose your photos and/or graphics, then let us know which ones you would like us to use.

*Client must provide ID number(s) of required image(s). **Excludes content updates and/or websites/brochures created by other designers.