Stumble Upon

Rediscovering StumbleUpon and some free marketing guides

Sometime last year I became a “StumbleUpon” user and for awhile I used it regularly each day, particularly enjoying the fantastic photography I would stumble upon. But I realized today I had not stumbled upon anything in a long time. Why? Because I generally use Firefox for my browsing and I have StumbleUpon set up with Internet Explorer.

Of course, I do get weekly emails in my Hotmail account from them all the time but am usually too busy to even open the email let alone check out their recommendations based on my Stumble history.  So today, I made a point of going on IE  purely to see their latest recommendations. Coincidentally, the first photo that appeared was of a lightening shot… why was it coincidental? Because it was currently storming with thunder and lightening outside!
Then when I hit the Stumble button, the first page to appear was a list of Free Marketing Guides from Vertical Response – all in PDF format and all relating to email marketing. That too was a coincidence… just as I’m thinking I should be preparing my next Constant Contact email, I find a whole bunch of handy guides to help me.
Although I don’t use Vertical Response for my email campaigns, they do give some great tips, at least in the six that I’ve read so far. I shall be bookmarking their site to refer back to the guides later, and may even try them out instead of Constant Contact one day.
I also made it my goal to go back to using StumbleUpon daily, because you never know what you may stumble upon and just how useful it will be!
Want to try it out? Discover Stumble Upon here.