What's new in WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4, named Clifford after jazz singer Clifford Brown, was released on December 8th and on Friday I did a whole bunch of updates for clients who have purchased my WordPress update and maintenance packages. Everything went smoothly as usual (except for one theme that changed it’s font family), but some plugins had not yet been updated by their respective developers, so these will need doing later.
I was interested to see what’s new with Version 4.4 so I had a quick peek.
As well as a new, back-to-basics theme, called 2016, images are now totally responsive, meaning you don’t have to make theme changes to get images to fit—it will be automatic.
As well, you can embed your posts on any other website, including other WordPress sites (which kind of makes sense), and means your content is more shareable.
Less apparent is the new and improved taxonomy structure which let’s you organize your content in a more sophisticated way (see screenshot below).
WordPress taxonomy system
I’m looking forward to trying out the new 2016 theme.