WordPress Maintenance Packages

Kaz Design Works has developed these WordPress Maintenance Packages to help small business start-ups and not-for-profits keep their WordPress websites up-to-date and secure. WordPress is constantly being developed and improved and likewise plugins and themes are updated to ensure they are compatible and work with the latest version. While you could automate your WordPress software and plugins updates, and we do generally recommend security updates are automated, it’s not always wise to automate major version updates and plugin updates  due to the potential for incompatibility issues. If there’s an issue with an update, and your website produces an error, you would be none the wiser until the next time you visit (and if you do not visit often, that could be a while).

Below are our most popular WordPress Maintenance Packages. If you require a different package, or need to start your website from scratch, please contact us instead.

*Monthly and Bi-Monthly Maintenance is generally carried out approx. mid-to-end month. However, if we are aware of a major WordPress version update, we may wait at least two weeks after the update to allow plugin developers time to update plugins. Therefore, our schedule may vary depending on major WordPress release dates. If your media library is excessively large, we may not always back it up.

**FTP access required to isolate and/or fix plugin incompatibility issues after an update. If we are unable to obtain access via FTP, and the issue causes a major error (loss of admin access), we may not be able to restore your website.

***Required before we carry out any major design or content changes if your WordPress software, plugins and theme are out of date.

****CPanel/PHPMyAdmin/FTP Access required for full site backup and / or to update your server’s PHP version to the latest version if required.

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Why Purchase a WordPress Maintenance Package from Kaz

Stay Up-to-Date & Secure

With a WordPress Maintenance Package from Kaz Design Works, we take away the worry of automatic updates breaking your website. We take care of backing up your website both before and after updates, updating the software, theme and plugins, AND we either fix any plugin or theme issues that break your site as soon as they happen (where possible) or restore your website back to it’s original state while we wait for the bugs to be fixed by the plugin/theme developers.

Backups Stored for 12 Months

In addition, we store at least the last two backups of your website (depending on the size of the files), and store the last two backups for 12 months after your package expires (if you decide not to renew). This means, if you lose your website for whatever reason (like forgetting to renew your web-hosting account), we’ll have a backup on file that we can use to restore it. While it may not be the most current version, it may at least save you from rebuilding your website from scratch.

Required before a revamp

Unless we are starting from scratch on a brand new WordPress installation, it is also a requirement that, before we carry out any major content updates, add extra functionality (e.g. Woocommerce, Private Membership, Forum etc), or revamp your current WordPress website’s design, we back everything up and ensure the software and plugins are up to date. For this a one-time Maintenance Package may be necessary if your website has not been updated in a long time.

Purchase a Package or Request a Website Design Discovery Consultation

 If your WordPress installation has not been updated in several years, it may be time for a complete overhaul.

If we’ve already discussed your specific website maintenance needs and have recommended one of the above packages, you may purchase the package securely through PayPal, using our Payment Form.

If not, please contact us for your complimentary website design consultation.

PS: We offer a not-for-profit discount. Contact us to purchase your package at a reduced rate.

Purchase Your WordPress Maintenance Package

WPM-1 One-Off WordPress Maintenance Package

Price: $113.00

Inc. HST

WPM-6 Bi-Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package

yearly price: $226.00

Inc. HST

WPM-12 Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package

yearly price: $395.50

Inc. HST

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