How to fix Page Not Found after WordPress Database Import

You’ve just moved your WordPress website to a new web server but something seems amiss when you click your page and posts links.

You backed up all your files and exported your database. You installed WordPress on your new domain, imported the database and uploaded all the files so you know everything is there. But you keep getting the Page Not Found error on all your links. You can see all your pages and posts in the dashboard, but you can’t view or preview them no matter which method you use.

Don’t panic: there’s a really simple fix.

In the dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks and change to Default and Save.
Go to your homepage and click one of your menu links and you’ll get to the corresponding page or post, but you’ll notice it’s now using page IDs. Not what you want.
So now go back to Dashboard, Settings > Permalinks and change back to your original setting (Post Name for instance) and Save. This time when you go back to your homepage and click a link, you’ll see everything is back as it should be.
Told you it was simple!