Full disclaimer: I’m not an expert in web content writing or search engine optimization, but I came to realize a long time ago that writing web content is a daunting process for most people. When my clients hire me to design or build their website, I usually recommend that they hire an expert web content writer where possible. But, I wrote this article several years ago on my old website to help those who are just starting out and don’t have the budget to invest in one. It has been updated slightly…as keeping your content fresh is a key factor in improving SEO and usually helps increase readership.

Why you need to write web content with your audience in mind

Writing your web content is not an easy process. Most know that, in order for people to find their website in a Google search, their content needs to be written with search engine optimization in mind. However, it needs to be written with the audience in mind too. Your content needs to captivate your audience when they arrive on your website as well as keep them there as long as possible.
It needs to engage your audience within the first 5–15 seconds after landing on your website to avoid them leaving before finding out what you offer and how you can help solve their problem. To do that, your content needs to grab their attention immediately, pique their interest and create a desire for what you have to offer.

How to keep your audience once you’ve gained their attention

As mentioned above, I recommend you hire a professional web content writer (I do know some who can help) but, if you don’t have the budget and need to write your own content, below are some useful tips that will hopefully make the process a little easier. One important point to note: If you’re doing it yourself, I recommend you hire an editor or proof reader to check for grammar and spelling errors—at least on the most important pages. Contact me for a referral.)

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am by no means an expert web content writer and these are just a few tips. If you need more help improving your content this article may help. Here’s another good article. Both cover more points that I missed and there’s loads more on the internet if you do a Google search.
If you found my tips useful, feel free to comment below and, of course, if you need help with your website, contact me here.