What were the top 10 most popular serif fonts of 2016?

Last week I wrote about the most popular sans serif fonts of 2016. This week I focus on the top 10 most used serif fonts.
According to Typewolf, the top ten most popular serif fonts in 2016 were:

  • Caslon
  • Garamond
  • Minion
  • FF Tisa
  • Freight Text
  • Tiempose Text
  • Miller
  • Calluna
  • Plantin
  • Baskerville

Again there are a few serif fonts in Typewolf’s list that I’ve not heard of (Tiempose Text, FF Tisa and Plantin [who names a font after a banana?]).
Of the serif typefaces from the above list that I do know, none are particular favourites as I tend to prefer sans serif to serif fonts. However, when a client requests a serif font, I’ll sometimes opt for Garamond or Baskerville and quite like both italic versions.
I’ve also used FreightText and Minion occasionally, but my favourite serif typefaces to use are Georgia, Goudy Old Style and Mrs Eaves (the wife of Mr Eaves) which I tend to use in lieu of Times New Roman where possible.
I also quite like Trajan for headings and graphics, but it’s a caps only typeface so is no use for paragraph text and Bookman is another I’ve used a fair bit (I like the serifs).
I have to admit,  Times New Roman does make my top 10 list for 2016, but only because it’s a font a number of clients were already using on their websites or print material before I began working with them.
One serif font that I used frequently in the latter few months of 2016 for on the fly graphics created on my iPhone or iPad, is Playfair. It’s a bit more playful than most serif fonts but works for my uses.
My most used serif fonts of 2016My top 10 most used serif typefaces in 2016 are as follows:

  • Georgia
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Mrs Eaves
  • Playfair
  • Garamond
  • Baskerville
  • FreightText
  • Trajan
  • Bookman
  • Times New Roman

Since I don’t have Playfair on my computer, the above graphic only shows the other nine of my most used serif fonts of 2016.

What were your most used serif fonts of 2016?

What serif font is your favourite?

Which one(s) do you think will be popular in 2017?

Check back next week for the the top 10 colours of 2016.