Help us kick colorectal cancer in the butt!

Now you’re probably thinking that’s a strange topic to include on a mainly graphic and website design-related blog, but there’s a good reason.
My partner and I, Joseph, are on a mission. On Saturday, he decided to participate in ALL four of next year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer events in Canada, and I will be joining him for two of them (I’m not the athlete he is!). As well as Ontario, he will now be riding in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, while I will be riding in Quebec as well as Ontario.

We are Cycling For A Cure

Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail here because I’d prefer you visit the new website I created over the weekend instead, where you can learn all about what we’re planning. You will also find information about colorectal cancer as well as links to lots of other cancer-related websites.
But, in brief, earlier this year Joseph’s friend died after nearly three years battling with colon cancer. We don’t want anyone else to have to go through this deadly, but highly preventable disease. So, by participating in all these Ride events, we each have to raise a minimum of $2,500 per ride, that’s a total of $15,000 benefiting cancer research centres in Canada for use in colorectal cancer research.

Creating awareness about a taboo subject

But we decided that wasn’t enough so I created the website so that we can create as much awareness as possible about colorectal cancer, a disease that most people find taboo, and hopefully raise much, much more than $15,000.
And, of course we can’t do this on our own. We need YOUR support. So, please, if you want to protect your best ASSet, visit, join our cause on Facebook, Help us kick colorectal cancer in the butt, and follow CyclingForACure on Twitter. And, please feel free to pass on the links to all your friends, family and colleagues.
Thank you for your support!